Since 1881, light has shone on the streets of downtown Edmonton, through the windows of First Presbyterian Church. Congregations past and present have been blessed to be able to keep this light shining. This church has been privileged to be the site of much historic activity in the city, and today is still home to a diverse and vibrant congregation ready to embrace the challenges of the future.

This church has been designated a ‘historic resource’ both by the City of Edmonton and the Province of Alberta. Great care has been taken to preserve and maintain the building’s structure and its environs. Less than a decade ago the congregation was able to raise the funds necessary to lovingly and painstakingly restore its beautiful pipe organ.

At this juncture in time the church faces a new challenge, and that is to renovate and restore its stained glass windows. In particular, the huge west window, the largest of its kind in Edmonton, faces an immediate upgrade, though the others face the same eventual need for renewal.

An extraordinary fundraising campaign is now underway to raise the monies necessary to undertake and complete the window renovation and restoration project.

With continued and ongoing restoration and maintenance, this building will serve as a vital link to Edmonton’s and the Province’s rich past, as well as play its part by serving as a venue for all sorts of life enriching activities we can all enjoy today, and tomorrow.

We invite you then to support this vital work with your financial gift. With a minimum donation of $20.00, a tax receipt will be issued, if your full contact information is given with your gift. Give often and give generously! Your support is necessary and much valued. Further donation information can be gleaned from visiting our website-